Phone Settings

Phone settings for trackers

The following instructions are specific for each phone manufactures and are not exaustive. If you find errors or new settings that can get the AGPS Tracker to work then please give this feedback to

Google Devices

Different settings for different Android versions and models, try/check all of the following:

Settings → Battery Saver →Off

Settings → Apps & notifications → Special app access –> Battery optimization → A-GPS Tracker shall be set to Not Optimize

Settings → Apps & notifications →All App info → A-GPS Tracker → Background Restriction= Background usage can’t be restricted.

Settings → Apps & notifications →All Apps info → A-GPS Tracker → Battery Optimisation= Not optimised.

Huawei Devices

Different settings for different Android versions and models, try all of the following:

(Android 5 and 6) Turn Energy Settings to Normal and add A-Gps Tracker to “Protected Apps” on Battery settings.

Settings-→Battery –>App Launch . This option allows you to identify a specific app and manage background app execution. In this menu, selecting the app you should be able to select Run in background. AGPS-Tracker must be declared among the Allowed Apps.

Settings”–> App -> Settings or Advanced (at the bottom)-> Special Access -> Ignore battery optimisation-> AGPS-Tracker shall appear in the Allowed list. Otherwise: –> Allowed”-> All Apps –> A-GPS Tracker -> Allow -> OK

HTC Devices

Settings → Battery → ⋮ → Battery optimization → Not optimised → All apps → GPS Tracker app → Don’t optimize → Done

Or Similarly :

Settings → Battery → Power saving mode → Battery optimization → select A-GPS Tracker app → Don’t optimize → Save.

LG Devices

Settings → Battery & power saving → Battery usage → Ignore optimizations → Ignore battery optimization for A-GPS Tracker.

Mi and Redmi phones (MIUI) Devices

First you should disable Battery Saver for the entire phone:

Settings → Battery /Security→ Battery Saver Off

Settings → Additional Settings → Battery & Performance → Manage apps’ battery usage → Apps → Select A-GPS Tracker.

Motorola Devices

Settings → Battery –> ⋮ Menu in the top right corner –→ Battery optimization → Not optimized –> All Apps –> A-GPS Tracker → Don’t optimize.

Settings-→ Battery → Battery Saver Off

One Plus Devices

Settings → Battery → Battery optimization → ⋮ All apps (menu) → A-GPS Tracker → Don’t optimize

Samsung Devices

Different settings for different Android versions and models, try/check all of the following:

Settings → Battery → App Power Saving → Details →select A-GPS Tracker –> Disabled

Settings → Apps → A-GPS Tracker → Permissions → (in Allowed) Location → Allow all the time

Settings → Apps → ⋮ menu (Top right corner) → SpecialAccess → Optimize Battery usage‘ → Apps not optimised → Select A-GPS Tracker on the list and make sure that it is not selected.

It is also offered, in some phones,the possibility to manage for each single app the “background activity”:

Settings → Device Maintenance→Battery→Battery Usage→Android System→ Allow Background Activity

Settings→ Apps→ Select A-GPSTracker app → Battery→ allow Background usage or scroll down until you see unmonitored apps and add this app to the list so it will not be put to sleep.

Note: these are sometimes under Settings→ lock screen and security → app permission monitor)

Settings → Device Maintenance-→Battery-→unmonitored Apps-→ Select three dot menu (Top right corner)→ Add apps–> Select A-GPS Tracker app→Done.

Sony Devices

Settings → Battery → ⋮ menu (Top right corner) → Battery optimisation → Apps → Select A-GPS Tracker app.